Sister Nivedita's Flag  

At the turn of the century, the quest for a National Flag
assuumed greater urgency with the rise of Swadeshi Movment.Sister Nivedita, an Irish disciple of Swami Vivekananda was one ofthe fiest to cnceive of a National Flag for India. In 1905, she designed one with Vajra (the celebrated weapon of Lord Indra) as its emblem. In a letter dated February 5, 1905 to one Miss Macleod, she wrote:
"We have chosen a design for a National Flag- the thunderbolt-and have already made one. Unfortunately Itook the Chinese war-flag as ny ideal and made it black on red. This does not apeal to India, so the nect is to be yellow on scarlet She got anther flag made by her pupils, in scarlet and yellow. It was displayed in the exhibition organised by the Congress in its annual session at calcutta in December 1906. Sister Nivedita's flag was square in shape,with a red field It had a hundred and eight jyotis all along ythe border and vajra in yellow at the centre with Vande on the left and Mataram on the right of it, in Bengali script. The legend Vande Mataram was also in yellow.